Monday, November 9, 2009

Magical Mandalas

If you haven't ever colored a mandala as a meditative practice, you should definitely try it. It is calming, relaxing, and allows you to open up and BE in the present moment. Below is a link to a matter of fact article on the process. (I do not enjoy the advertisements around the edges, but the article is worth reading). Check it out here.


  1. I have a gorgeous book by Judith Cornell that is all about Mandalas and their creation. In fact I had wanted, long ago, to take a class with her...but it just wasn't possible...too bad, I would have loved it! Thanks, Lynn

  2. I love mandalas. I have a book of them and have printed a few off the internet.
    Thank you for the little bag of goodies. What a great variety and very inspiring. They are waiting on my table right now.

  3. I learned about mandalas only two months ago. They are so cathartic.